Watch: Diana Boss Releases New Music Video for "West Coast ft. Elle Wolf" [Premiere]

Representing the West Coast, our friends Diana Boss have shared with us their new music video for their single ‘West Coast’ with Elle Wolf, released through Groundwerk Recordings. The two producers based out of Vancouver, Sam Steele & Josh McRae, have been putting their time in with a deep cut of remixes, originals and collaborations to show for it. Follow along as we take a look at the duo’s inspiration behind the video and track, and check out the full premiere below:


Groundwerk remixes celebrate the genius of our homegrown talent

Diana Boss, star of Groundwerk’s debut release, steers the track in an entirely new direction. Creating a bouncy, four-on-the-floor rhythm, the pair transforms the original’s melancholy atmosphere into a fidgety dance track, complete with dramatic strings and Rhodes keys.

Showcasing the up-and-comers of Vancouver’s electronic-music community, Groundwerk’s I M U R—FFL Remix EP proves that local artists should not just be competing with each other, but vying with international producers for the spotlight.


Interview with Diana Boss: How their career started, Whats in the pipeline for 2017 and how they ended up in a Disney on Ice 3 year tour


SAM: We get this question a lot. It’s an homage to Lucy Pearl, a group that inspired us in our early days to be creative and to just do our thing, to just do what feels right. Raphael Saadiq is still a Producer I look up to.

JOSH: We’ve spent countless hours chilling out, stoned, coming up with band names, artist names, company names, you name it. For this project we wanted something feminine to balance out the “EDM bro” trend. It had to be something catchy and funny but also retro, classic – a shout out to the originators.



Diana Boss live for those vocal grooves that constantly get stuck in your head. Treading the line between big room deep house and disco, their sound has a certain accessibility to it that keeps it recognizable and current.

You guys do a lot of collaborations. What is something that surprised you that you found collaborating with another artist?

Josh: I guess the support for one thing. Like with I M U R, it was so cool to remix their track. We did it (bootleg) and they were very supportive in person. They came to us at Groundwerk. It was great to start that relationship, I think that was surprising to me. To get that feedback, it was cool.

Sam: I would say that the connection,  the human connection, community,  goes far. Through the remixes we've done and been doing, the bootleg stuff has been totally through the internet as of now. We never got to meet anybody. So it was super cool showing up at Groundwerk and meeting I M U R and having them hear the track we did together there and getting feedback right away. That's been surprising to me in the best way. 



Vancouver’s own Diana Boss and Kalibo have teamed up for what seems like a match made in production heaven with their track, “Everything”. While we’re total suckers for house music, we’re very particular with the type of house music we listen to and share. We love anything touched by the French and quite possibly, only the French. We were convinced, that is, up until the magical encounter that ultimately conceived “Everything”. We’re not quite sure what hit us, but the entrancing melody, build up and progression of the track gave us the feels, touching you in a way that makes you go, “Oh yeah, that’s good” and “Do it again”.

The duo behind Diana Boss, Sam Steele and Josh McRae, and Kalibo’s Joel Jasper are both talented producers in their own right and this track only heightens the potential of both talents. Whatever it is that happened here, we wouldn’t be mad if it happened again, and very often. Peep the track down below and be sure to keep tabs on the two up-and-coming projects over at their Soundcloud: KaliboDiana Boss.



Any girl who claims to be 'simple' is lying and one hundred percent complicated. And I'm not talking a 1,000-piece puzzle that you can tackle with grandpa, I'm talking standard a 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube with 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 combinations, but only 1 solution type of complex. But like Beyoncé asks and answers: "Who runs the world?" "Girls." Know this, and you'll be well on your way. Furthermore, know Diana Boss (Sam Steele and Josh McRae) and said journey will have so much pep in each step, you'll bring the rest to their knees in awe. Listen to "Simple Girl," below.


Music We Love: Lay Me Down – IMUR (Diana Boss Remix)

One of the best things about the blog is all the AWESOME new music that finds its way to our ears. We got this bad boy sent to us not too long ago and it’s got us grooving hard! Diana Boss are Sam Steele and Josh McRae, who are not only music lovers but also accomplished students who teamed up in 2014 to combine their talents and enter into the world of production. Their influences draw on UK garage, tech, deep house and a touch of disco.

Their latest remix “Lay Me Down” is from fellow Vancouverites, IMUR, who in their own right are making music that is dope AF. Yay for local artists!



Emerging, Vancouver-based production duo, Diana Boss, are back with another top release, this time taking on I M U R’s track, “Lay Me Down.” Diana Boss display another round of their technical production prowess by releasing a fresh and groovy remix reminiscent of the UK sounds of Disclosure. Sexy synth lines and deep basslines are layered underneath the soulful, yet ethereal vocals of I M U R to complete yet another top notch remix from the duo. As always, Diana Boss have set this one as a free download, so be sure to grab your copy below: