Why Diana Boss?  

In 1970, Diana Ross & The Supremes appeared on The Ed Sullivan show for their final TV appearance.  Diana was asked by Ed, “What is Soul?” and without hesitation she replied, “Well Soul is kinda hard to describe, but I think it’s everybody doing their own thing.”  [Source: https://youtu.be/how5kE8OGFM?t=38]

Diana Boss is a VIBE.  Diana Boss is an ATTITUDE.  Diana Boss is about you doing YOU.  

From day parties to after parties, Diana Boss continues to hit dance floors with sex, sophistication, and infectious marathon sets of Big House and Big Disco.  With collaborations from Karsten Sollors, Danelle Sandoval, I M U R, Giorgi Holiday, Una Mey, and Quanah Style already under their belts, look out for what they pitch in 2019.

-- We do this for all our queens holding down dancefloors around the world.  --

Sam & Josh